1. native-zine:

    Took advantage of an hour long lunch break at work today and mailed out a batch of orders.

    (Source: nativezine.bigcartel.com)

  2. native-zine:

    The first run of zines is already sold out and then some. Luckily restocking only takes a day. Prints made to order so keep them coming. Also, a big thank you to anyone that’s already bought one.

    First mail out is tomorrow. Keep the orders coming everyone.

  3. native-zine:

    Copies of Native Issue #2 are up for sale on our bigcartel and at the @nookstore as of today!

    Checkout my latest zine and learn a little about the art culture in Newcastle and Sydney.

  4. native-zine:

    Picked up the first copies of Native today, check them out tomorrow at the @nookstore

    I’m releasing seven copies of my latest zine tomorrow at the Nook Store. Read up on exhibitions from Newcastle and Sydney. Also, featuring interviews with Michael Langenegger, Nook Store and a short write up on a painting trip to Sydney with Keo Match.

  5. native-zine:

    Finalizing the next issue of Native. Featuring interviews with @ohmygrizzle from @nookstore and @michaellangenegger

    Printing the next issue of my zine this week.

  6. Old photo of mine at the parent’s apartment.

  7. Spent the better half of a day hanging with my good friend @ohmygrizzle at the @nookstore taking photos for the @native_zine

  8. Valentines day may have been and gone but today I got surprised with a late present from @Lola buttons. Between things like this and late night totchos, how could I not want to marry her.

  9. native-zine:

    Late last year I joined @keomatch on a trip down to Sydney, where he painted for @mamboaustralia at their Pop Art Store with the talented @mentalben

    I’m working on another zine, with a number of different exhibitions and interesting artists featured in it.

  10. nickpont:

    5 new ‘No Shark Cull’ t-shirts now available in my web store. Www.nickpont.com
    I also had a chat with @seastoke today about the project, visit www.seastoke.com to check it out.

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